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Symptoms of ADHD can rule your life, destroy your relationships,  and hold you back from thriving.
Stop suffering.
Get skilled ADHD therapy with a relatable human, providing achievable and measurable treatment, to bring you relief.

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$125/h Private Session – $60/h Group Session – Sliding Scale
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You feel lost, hopeless, and overwhelmed. You may have just received a diagnosis or started to question if you may have ADHD. Or, You may have complex trauma and feel therapy isn’t working. If you have struggled healing trauma in the past, are having problems managing your ADHD symptoms, I have proven techniques and skills that will help you take back control in your life and emotional world. Give yourself the chance to thrive.

What we can do together


Preserve your relationship with your child and with yourself, and you’ll both thrive.

Raising a child with ADHD can be an indescribable challenge. You may fight constantly with your partner, or maybe you’ve separated due to the stress of parenting. Friends might offer useless advice, while you worry about your child‘s ability to thrive as an adult. You may not know who you are outside of parenting any more. You may even struggle with your own ADHD. You may feel regret, shame, and hopelessness.

Discover how prioritizing yourself and your relationship with your child can transform your life to bring joy, laughter, and connection to you, and your child.


Discover yourself and experience the joys of living by investing in yourself with skilled ADHD therapy.

Succeeding in the professional world with unmanaged ADHD can be debilitating. You may feel constant fear of being fired or found out. Believe you are lazy, not trying hard enough, or stupid. Your internal voice may sound mean and belittling. You may experience crippling anxiety, depression, and low self worth. You may be hiding all of this with shame and fear, disconnected from friends and peers.

Separate your symptoms from your fears so you can discover and believe in the wonderful nature of who you truly are, hidden by your ADHD.

Young Adults

Learn the skills to navigate your life, develop a path for yourself, and feel confident and happy doing it.

Finding yourself in adulthood, nothing could be scarier or more overwhelming than having your whole life ahead of you, and every decision is yours to make. You may have been led to believe you should already have a clear plan for life. That you should already know what to do next, and that you already should be proactive and successfulin achieving it. You may believe adulthood comes easy to everyone else.

This is a myth. As a young adult, you are still learning and growing. ADHD Therapy is the next step in mentorship to help you develop routines, habits, values and beliefs to allow you to discover your unique path in life.

The therapists of Tailwind / [Who we are]

Our team is pretty special

We’re a collection of therapists who are serious mental health enthusiasts, researchers, and advocates. Each of us brings a perspective to Tailwind that’s as unique as yours.

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Kitty (she/they)

Kitty has a way of teaching you to notice what each individual piece of your life might be telling you about yourself… and about society.

Accepting new patients

Sara (they/them)

You’ll find that Sara knows how to pull your story out of you—with them, healing is a process that you’ll be in together.

Not accepting new patients

René (he/him)

Chat with René for the reminders you need to be compassionate with yourself—because diagnoses and expectations don’t need to define you.

Hillarey Rothenberger
Accepting new patients

Hillarey (she/her)

Hillarey is a clinical social worker with a passion for supporting people and families with unique and diverse needs.

Individual therapy | $125/hr

Telehealth is currently available. On-site options are coming by early 2025. Our sliding scale spots are limited, so get in touch soon!

Group therapy | $60/hr

Sometimes therapy is better together. All of our therapists are currently leading virtual groups around different themes. Have a chat with us and we’ll figure out which session is right for you.

Need to bill insurance? We offer hand on support for reimbursement billing with Mentaya. Reimbursement billing means you pay our session fee ($125) and then we work with a service guarantee to have your insurance send you a check for reimbursement within 30 days. And we’ll help you every step of the way. Thats it! (reimbursement amount varies between providers)

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