Hello, fellow traveler!

I’m René.


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René Stewart (he/him)


If you find yourself drawn to roads less traveled, you are not alone. It would be my honor to walk them with you.

I happen to believe that the work of building a healthy life with ADHD is not the absence of symptoms—it’s adapting your life, your environment, and your practices in ways that allow you to view yourself with self-compassion… and harness the power of ADHD.

Creating and making meaning for myself is an inherent part of my experience as a person with queer and neurodivergent identities. I chose to study social work because I’ve always been concerned with the ways outside forces shape our experiences and create different barriers and opportunities. I’ve been working with folks of a wide range of identities and experiences since 2016, approaching therapy through a nonnormative lens while exploring the intersections between neurodivergence and self-esteem, anxiety, relationships, and queer identities.

I’d love to come alongside you as you take a more compassionate look inward, uncover patterns, and develop healthier expectations for yourself. In our sessions we will work together to create a space where you can explore your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors with curiosity instead of judgment.

The times we can break away from out-of-the-box thinking are when we get to create our own pathways that are grounded in self-compassion. Let’s set out from the trailhead: a 15-minute consultation.

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