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I’m Sara!


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Sara Godinez (they/them)


I’m passionate about the transformative possibilities of self-discovery and self-acceptance, particularly for neurodivergent queer folks.
Life can be hard for so many reasons, and feeling alone with those challenges can make it worse. Let’s work together to figure out how to make life easier for you. In this space, you’re invited to show up just as you are, with whatever you want, and identify what you need. Maybe you just want someone to listen. Or, maybe you have stuff to process and want a space to problem-solve. Let me provide you with a judgment-free space where you will be supported and encouraged through your life journey.

I love working with clients who show up to the work and aren’t afraid of a gentle nudge or some tough love. So if you’re ready to be vulnerable and honest with me, I’m ready to be supportive and honest with you.

Let’s set up a 15-minute chat and see if we connect well.

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